What We Do


A Point of Life wants to create rich and deep meaning opportunities for the dying person and their family to have a say on what’s happening with the prognosis, by allowing for a space to be able to talk through it honestly. And to move mindfully into acceptance and understanding about the truth of death and dying, and plan what a ‘good death’ might look like. 

Our legacy projects can include the following artifacts that You want created and memorialized:

  • memory book
  • memory bin
  • love letters
  • life scroll
  • video and/or audio
  • painting or collage, and
  • collection of family recipes

to name the endless projects we can collectively plan together.

Here are some questions that we can explore to uncover and rediscover how your legacy would unfold for you and your family:

  • What did you love to do in your spare time?
  • How did you relate to your friends?
  • What are some of the most profound lessons you learned in life?
  • What accomplishments gave you a deep sense of pride?

Every legacy project would be aligned and reflective of your life. There is no space of judgment just the gift of presence to make your transition as beautiful as possible. Your legacy should be of one cherished stories, values and beliefs, strengths and resilience, successes and failures, and even outside inspirations.

Vigil Planning

A Point of Life will hold a space for the dying person and their family and maintain the beauty of sacredness through vigil planning of openness and acceptance to the beauty of the transition…

The vigil planning allows for opportunities to think of choices about interactions with loved one as active dying unfolds, management of symptoms, inform and prepare loved ones of the signs and sounds of active dying, reframe and personalize how the space should look at the bedside.  The vigil planning envisions a “good death” you want.

A thorough vigil plan would embody sacred elements to consider such as the space and the atmosphere.

  • How should that space look?
  • Surrounded by your favorite pictures of family memories?
  • A favorite pet by your bedside ?
  • Will everyone be allowed in your space after you passed for a prayer or meditation?
  • Do you want anyone to enter your space or rather be alone?
  •  A scent of your favorite flower?
  • Sound of music of your favorite songs?
  • Yoga chants?
  • Poetry read aloud by a loved one?
  • Candles or low lighting?

The end-of-life doula support package includes planning sessions, support with legacy work, vigil support, and initial bereavement support, which include the following:

  • One hour Free initial consultation/interview

  • Up to one or two face-to-face visits to discuss goals/options and prepare for your vigil

  • Up to one or two face-to-face visits to outline a meaningful legacy project

  • Telephone, text, and email support to offer continued guidance as you and your family explore your life’s meaning and work on your legacy project
  • Telephone, text, and email support for you and your family throughout the end of life and the early stages of dying
  • Referrals as needed to community or other resources
  • Continuous vigil support to you and your family throughout your active dying
  • Initial bereavement support for up to four hours following the death
  • Up to one or two follow-up visit with family in the early weeks after the death

“You see awakenings, forgiveness; you see new bonds made and old wounds healed, which I believe send the dying on their final transition peacefully and bring new opportunities for the people who remain.”
– Janie Rakow, president of International End-of-Life Doula Association.